Sunday, December 11, 2016

Will they try to overturn the election?

You think they're trying to overturn the election results, that Clinton and the Deep State are going to try to get the Electoral College to ignore the election results and make Clinton president---that this is the reason for Jill Stein's demanding recounts only in states that Trump barely won, and that they're using the baseless claim that Russia was interfering with the election to get the public to go along with it?

Julian Assange among others thought that there was no way Trump would be allowed to win. Trump himself said the election would be rigged against him. They may have been right. But everyone thought Trump would lose anyway so they didn't bother with the rigging. Now they have to act fast, quickly rig the recount or convince members of the Electoral College to ignore the election results and put Clinton in the White House.

Is that any crazier a conspiracy theory than the Democrats claiming Russia put Trump in office? They still think Hillary was the perfect candidate and can't fathom how she could have lost.

Trump wasn't leading a mass movement. He has voters, not followers. But would they take a CIA-led coup against their elected president lying down?

It probably wouldn't be a terrible thing to have Trump or Clinton severely weakened as president.

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