Sunday, December 18, 2016

Zsa Zsa Gabor, RIP

Zsa Zsa Gabor has died of a heart attack at age 99.

She was Hungarian and Jewish. She and her family escaped the Nazi occupation with the help of her mother's social connections. She and her two sisters each claimed to have been crowned "Miss Hungary". There's nothing to indicate that any of them were.

Related to Tom Lantos' wife and somehow related to Paris Hilton.

I was pro-Zsa Zsa during the police thing, when she was criminally charged with slapping an LA cop who attacked her.

But then I saw her on the Phil Donahue show talking about it. She was in her 70s but was worried that lesbians would hit on her in jail. When a lesbian in the audience objected, Zsa Zsa dismissed her saying "I am a mother, you are a lesbian!"

She shouldn't have been so proud of being a heterosexual. She had only one child, a daughter, when she was married to Conrad Hilton. She later claimed to have become pregnant when Hilton raped her, but Hilton doubted he was the father at all. She bragged that she slept with her step son, Nicky Hilton. She was married nine times. She cleverly quipped that she was a good housekeeper---whenever she got divorced, she kept the house. When asked how many husbands she had, she said, "Other than my own?"

She was multi-lingual, co-authored a novel and did pretty well for herself, really.

I think I saw her in Moulin Rouge, and she appeared for about five seconds in A Touch of Evil. I didn't think Cat Women of the Moon was that terrible. There were at least two remakes of it.

She was married to Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt. He became a "prince" when his father, a German cop, paid the elderly daughter of the deposed Kaiser Wilhelm II to legally adopt him as a teenager. She had adopted 35 other men in order to give them royal titles and Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt got into the same business. He had legally adopted at least ten men, one of them a strip club owner, for $2 million each so they could claim to be European royalty. He also sold dozens of "knighthoods" for $50,000 each. He once handcuffed himself naked in his car and called reporters to come talk to him so he could claim to have been robbed by a a gang of lesbians. 

Well. Poor thing. In terrible health at the end. Rest in peace.

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