Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dumb pervert arrested in Ohio

Gif from the RT article about it. 

So, a 28-year-old married man was arrested in Ohio. He would drive to shopping malls in a company truck, masturbate in the parking lot, put his bodily fluid into a syringe and squirt it on women in the mall. Cops finally found him after two months. He admitted to twelve incidents and told police that he read about it on the internet and wanted to try it.
Weird crap posted on the internet DOES cause crime. We may as well admit it. But what will inspire someone to do something stupid is unpredictable.

We had a double murder in this state that was inspired by a movie. Two idiots watched In Cold Blood and decided they wanted to be just like Dick Hickock and Perry Smith. They murdered a couple as they walked on the beach and fled to Mexico. Police were baffled as to how a deeply depressing movie about two killers who end up on death row and finally being hanged could be seen as inspirational, but pretty much anything, if it's viewed by enough people, will inspire some monstrous act sooner or later.

The movie The Program, (1993) about college football players, had a scene where the characters prove their courage by lying at night on the double yellow line of a busy street as cars speed past them. It turns out that, in reality, cars drift over the yellow line all the time. Two people were killed and others were permanently injured when they tried doing the same thing. They cut that scene out of the movie which quickly faded into obscurity.

People attacked the filmmakers for encouraging such stupidity. But the fact is that millions of people saw the scene in the preview if not the movie itself and I'm not aware of anyone sounding the alarm that it would inspire simpletons to try the same thing. I was more concerned about the scene where football players spit in each others' mouths.

I worked at a car wash with a high school football player. He started cutting letters into his arm using the razor blades we used to scrape gunk off the windows.

"Is that something you saw in The Program?" I said. "You gonna lie in the street next?"

They keep having to rescue hikers who go to the spot in Alaska where the guy in the movie Into the Wild died of starvation when he couldn't get out.

I finally watched Into the Wild. I can see how people found it more inspiring than In Cold Blood, but I wouldn't want to live the life that guy did even if he hadn't starved to death.

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