Saturday, January 14, 2017

Is the DNC a front for Vladimir Putin?

We know that the DNC wanted Trump to run. They encouraged the press to take his candidacy seriously, they actively undermined Sanders' campaign even though polls showed he had a much better chance of beating Trump than Clinton did, then, when Clinton and Trump got their parties' nominations, Clinton ran the worst campaign imaginable. They still whine about the free air-time Trump got, but what was stopping Clinton from going on TV? Not even Rachel Maddow could get an interview with her. Clinton's single appearance on The View was apparently too tough for her and she didn't go back. She didn't campaign at all in Wisconsin. Instead, she kept going back to Arizona which she lost anyway. They squandered a fortune on TV ads which only attacked Trump's temperament, something people could easily judge for themselves.

Trump was objectively the worst possible candidate. No one believed he could possibly win. The Republican Party barely supported him.

I don't believe for a second that there was any Russian conspiracy or "meddling" in the election, but, if there was, I'd say it was the DNC that was riddled with Russian agents. For one thing, they're protesting way too much. Their anti-Russian nonsense is so over the top, they've got to be covering up for something. Their anti-Putin crap didn't impress voters before the election----if they believed Trump was a Russian spy, the public was apparently fine with it. What makes the Democrats think it will do them any good now?

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