Sunday, February 5, 2017

Binge watching Arrested Development

Arrested Development gets old fast when you're binge watching. It's almost as if they intended viewers to see only one episode a week.

Each character has only one trait which wasn't that funny to begin with. The show went off the air for a few years until Netflix brought it back. Michael Cera didn't age well. It's always a problem with young actors--you never know what they're going to look like in a few years--but it came as a surprise to me in his case.

I don't entirely understand this thing where sitcoms are made to look like documentaries. On Modern Family, who's supposed to be interviewing the characters and why? Arrested Development was supposed to be in a documentary style, like a typical "reality" show about rich people who don't deserve to be rich. So how do they have an omniscient narrator who's able to show flashbacks to their childhoods?

But it's a lot better than the old three-camera sit-coms. Norman Lear said he thought of episodes of All in the Family as one-act plays.

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