Saturday, February 4, 2017

Littlerock (2010)

The movie Littlerock (2010) took me back to my youth. I'd get in a car with some friends and soon discover that they were taking me to see some of their other friends who were scumbags I wanted nothing to do with. They took me to a guy's house without telling me that they intended to hang around there all day. This was their last chance to see him because he was running away from home, heading for Tennessee. He had slashed his neighbors' tires in anticipation of the trip and told about conversations he had with his probation officer.

I don't know why he wanted to go to Tennessee. Did he think juvenile prisons were nicer there? I can't imagine anyone thinking I'd want to hang around this moron's house for hours on end.

Littlerock was about a brother and sister from Japan visiting the United States. Their rental car breaks down and they're briefly stranded in the town of Littlerock, California. They start hanging around with local riffraff. The sister, who speaks no English, wants to stay there with her wonderful new friends. The brother leaves her to go to San Francisco.

She spends a couple days there. There's an aspiring actor/model being threatened by a local thug he owes money to. They ride around on bikes. They drink beer, smoke cigarettes and smoke something else, I'm not sure what. She eats her first TV dinner.

The movie was pretty good, but I sat there wondering what the girl saw in these people.

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