Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ronan Farrow's at it again

Ronan Farrow

Ronan Farrow is again hinting that Frank Sinatra was his father.

I've known people who've gone through life not knowing who their fathers were. They didn't joke about it. It's rather perverse that Ronan Farrow wants to keep rumors going about his mother's sex life.

When he was in his 70's, Frank Sinatra began forgetting the lyrics to songs he had been singing for decades. The guy wasn't known for brains to begin with and he was a functioning alcoholic.

Woody Allen, on the other hand, is still making a movie a year in his 80's. His father was still working at age 90 and was 100-years-old when he died. His mother was nearly 100 when she died.

I hope Sinatra was Ronan Farrow's father! He deserves early-onset senile dementia and a predisposition to alcoholism! Sinatra had terrible genes.

But we know Ronan Farrow's date of birth and we know where Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra were nine months earlier. Farrow was filming the movie September in Connecticut and Sinatra was with his wife in Las Vegas where he was performing.

Poor Ronan Farrow. He's pushing 30. Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Jr, were far more successful at his age, so if he is Frank's spawn, he's the pitiful failure of the family. If he didn't launch attacks on Woody Allen every year and hint that his mother was a whore who secretly flew cross-country to sleep with an elderly married man, no one would know or care anything about him.

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