Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I hadn't seen it in since its original broadcast, but I was recently lent a set of DVDs of the full TV series, Soap. Makes me glad that we live in an era of one-camera sit-coms and that they've gotten rid of laugh tracks and live studio audiences.

Back in those days, they warned viewers that it was intended for mature audiences. It was offensive at times. One son breaks into a house and is confronted by a young woman who wants him to rape her and Billy Crystal plays a gay guy who tries to get a sex change and attempts suicide.

Knowing that one star went on to appear in Tony Danza's sit-com and that the butler, Benson, got his own family-friendly spin-off makes it harder to take the filth seriously.

I didn't like the narration by Rod Roddy.

Scott Baio's less successful cousin, Jimmy, plays the youngest son who speaks in a different regional accent than the rest of the family. His character played no role in the plot.

Poor Jimmy Baio.

 It was no Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and the live audience/laugh track made it hard to binge watch. 

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