Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Trompie lying to his horrible South African father.

Watched a South African children's movie from the 1970s called Trompie. Based on a South African children's book series about a South African tween who's always into mischief and then lies through his teeth about it. I was uncharmed, but it was probably one of the less offensive Apartheid-era South African movies I've seen. It was almost all White which either let it avoid the issue of racism or made it even more racist, depending on how you look at it. It showed only care-free petit bourgeois youth, but it still made the place look like a hell hole.
There are other movies based on the same series on YouTube.

Afrikaans is an ugly language, but I hear it has extremely simple grammar. If you want to learn it, all you do is memorize a list of words and you're done.

The way South African cavalry were ordered to mount their horses was "Grappen on der beests!" If you can understand the Katzenjammer Kids, you're already halfway there.

Trompie (left) and friends lie to the minister of their
racist South African church after stealing his baboon.

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