Friday, March 17, 2017

Joey Hensley, incest, artificial insemination, etc

Dr. Joey Hensley

I mentioned a then-X-rated 1950s British movie a while back. A man sues for divorce. He and his wife had resorted to artificial insemination after finding out he was sterile. He turned on his wife and claimed that this constituted adultery.

How could anyone call artificial insemination adultery? But now I read this in

Dr. Joey Hensley is bigoted Tennessee state legislator who has built his political career by attacking the LGBT community. Now courtesy of court records from his divorce we learn that Dr. Hensley has been carrying on an affair over the course of several years with his nurse, who also happens to be his cousin. Hensley also served as his lover’s doctor and prescribed her a steady diet of prescription drugs. Hensley, who was the chief sponsor of the “Don’t Say Gay Bill“, refused to testify at the divorce trial claiming “doctor-patient privilege.” Shortly before this story broke, Hensley had introduced a bill in the Tennessee Senate that would deem babies born through artificial insemination “illegitimate.” Dr. Hensley is, of course, a self-described “family values Republican.” [emphasis added.]

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