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John Rayne Rivello, Kurt Eichenwald

 Kurt Eichenwald

Years ago, there was an "art film" made by splicing clear and opaque film leader together. The film consisted entirely of light flashing on screen, and it contained a warning at the beginning that it could cause epileptic seizures. Apparently the filmmaker thought that a few potentially fatal seizures in audience members was a reasonable price to pay for such a great work of art.

The warning at the beginning of the film included a statistic that it could induce seizures in one in every so many thousand people. So few people saw the thing, it's unlikely it triggered anything.

But there was a cartoon broadcast on TV in Japan that did trigger seizures in a number of people. In fact, when the Simpsons went to Japan, they used this as a gag, like it was a regular feature of Japanese television.

So anyway, an anti-Semitic Trump supporter calling himself "Jew Goldstein" was arrested for sending a flashing GIF to journalist Kurt Eichenwald. Eichenwald is known to have epilepsy. It triggered a seizure.

Since then, Eichenwald received the same image from 40 other Trump enthusiasts.

"Jew Goldstein's" real name is John Rayne Rivello of Salisbury, Maryland. The FBI arrested him and will send him to Dallas where Eichenwald lives. He is charged with criminal cyberstalking with the intent to kill or cause bodily harm. He faces ten years in prison.

John Rayne Rivello's mugshot. Poor fool.

Pic the FBI found of him before 
he cleaned himself up for his mugshot.

I don't know why anti-Semites are using Jewish names online, but I've seen the same thing with anti-Arab racists.

Eichenwald is an Episcopalian, by the way.

According to the Justice Department:

"...Evidence received pursuant to a search warrant showed Rivello’s Twitter account contained direct messages from Rivello’s account to other Twitter users concerning the victim.  Among those direct messages included statements by Rivello, including 'I hope this sends him into a seizure,' 'Spammed this at [victim] let’s see if he dies,' and 'I know he has epilepsy.'

"Additional evidence received pursuant to a search warrant showed Rivello’s iCloud account contained a screenshot of a Wikipedia page for the victim, which had been altered to show a fake obituary with the date of death listed as Dec. 16, 2016.

"Rivello’s iCloud account also contained screen shots from with a list of commonly reported epilepsy seizure triggers and from discussing the victim’s report to the Dallas Police Department and his attempt to identify the Twitter user."

Eichenwald was incapacitated for several days, lost the feeling in one hand and had trouble speaking for several weeks as a result.

So now there's a crowd-funding site raising money for Rivello's defense. Here are some comments from Rivello's supporters:
Kikenwald will lose this case based on his DOCUMENTED actions (drunk as fuck, sleep & medicine deprived), then he will get counter sued. These yids need to be put in their place.
You forget criminal cases generally bankrupt "little people".
This fucker is doing this explicitly to ruin the life of someone with far less money and power.
We need constitutional amendments against crap like this.
Why is the ADL not supporting this victim of anti-semitism, Mr. Goldstein? I can't believe Aryan monsters like Eichenwald (Buchenwald???)!

I imagine that if I pretended I had a seizure bc some guy sent me a fucking GIF over twitter and then I tried to sic the fbi on them that the fbi would no doubt tell me to go fuck my self and quit wasting their time.

Of course not you goyim peasant.

John "Jew Goldstein" Rivello did nothing wrong.

Gas The Kikes, Race War Now

I am new to this story but if a Jew died then that is FANTABULOUS!

Wouldn't it be easier to hire a BLM thug to "discuss" Mr Kikenwald's white privilege in a back alley somewhere?

jews aren't white- AH covered this 80 years ago

Well, one of them's going to prison. Forty others have done the same thing. We'll see if the FBI hunts them down as well. It can't be that hard.

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