Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Justin Bieber has another great big tattoo

Justin Bieber. He uses Regular Scent 
Speed Stick apparently. The tattoo on
his stomach is the new one.

He was such a lovely boy. Which may be the problem. How many boys want to be "lovely"? So Justin Bieber uglied himself up by plastering himself with tattoos like an idiot.

Bieber was in a couple of episodes of CSI when he was sixteen or seventeen. One of the women on the show told reporters that he was a brat which caused her some negative feedback, so she backed down and said that he was really a pretty good actor, a natural talent. The boy could have had that to fall back on. He could have been a singer-turned-actor. But how many movies would Frank Sinatra have done if he had had tattoos all over him? You think David Cassidy would have gotten on The Partridge Family looking like that?

Let's face it: Tattoos are for dummies.

One of the problems is that once they have them, it's too late to do anything about it so people have to be polite and not point out that they've permanently disfigured themselves. 

How many of these people have gone out and gotten more and more tattoos because people politely pretended to like them?

Justin Bieber's degenerate father started getting him tattoos when he was fifteen. Imagine the mind that would do that. Years ago, two subhumans used India ink and a needle to tattoo their screaming, sobbing 8-year-old nephew. Tattooed his name, Billy, on his arm. They went to prison like Bieber's father should have.

I had a friend in junior high school who had a tiny "J" on his arm. It looked like he wrote it with blue ballpoint pen, but it was always there. I finally asked him about it. He mocked me for thinking he had written it on his arm---how ridiculous! Why would anyone write a letter J on their arm with a pen! He explained he tattooed himself. He was going to write his whole name, but it was so painful he stopped at the first letter. Which was just as well. Why would you want a tattoo of your own name? It's only slightly stupider than people tattooing their children's birth dates on themselves. Are they worried they'll forget? And that's only slightly stupider than Angelina Jolie tattooing the geographic coordinates of her children's places of birth on her arm. Where they were conceived would be more interesting. She may be even dumber than her cretinous father. She has "Know your rights" tattooed on her back. It should say "Don't be a flaming jackass".

 Boston, England, 1974

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