Friday, March 31, 2017

People being hit in the head

I used to like The Way of the Dragon aka The Return of the Dragon, (it was going to be called Enter the Dragon but Warner Brothers stole the title.)

Now it bothers me, that scene with all those mafia guys getting hit in the head over and over with nunchucks.

When I was 10 or 12, Judo was all there was. There were no karate schools around here. Now all there is is karate and you couldn't study Judo to save your life. And, ever since Taekwondo became an Olympic sport, all the karate schools started calling themselves Taekwondo schools. Like there's a difference.

I knew a guy who wanted to learn Judo. I told him that karate was supposed to be more effective. He said he didn't want to hit anyone. I told him he could cause more serious injuries throwing people to the ground with Judo that he would hitting them with karate. He said he was fine with with hurting people as long as he didn't have to hit them. Now I understand what he meant.

Now I think Judo is the way to go. You don't learn martial arts just to beat people up; you learn martial arts to beat people up in a surprising way. Karate is so common that no one is going to be bewildered by it anymore.

But when I was a kid, there would be these kids who knew Judo. You'd be standing there and the next instant you were on the ground looking up at them and you had no idea how it happened.

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