Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ryan Owens, Navy SEALs

There was an 8-year-old American Muslim girl killed in the January 29th U.S. raid in Yemen. There were eight other children murdered there. I don't know why alleged liberals like Rachel Maddow who claim to stand with our Muslim neighbors said nothing about her while they droned on and on about the one Navy SEAL, Ryan Owens, who got killed, repeatedly showing his picture.

Michael Moore has joined in, also making no mention of the 20 civilians Owens helped murder.

I looked at Mia Farrow's Twitter feed. She pretends to love children---that's her whole gimmick. But the only death she's upset about is Ryan Owens'.

The American girl murdered by Navy SEALs.
Obama had already killed her 16-year-old brother
with a drone.

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