Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bella Vista (2013)

Bella Vista was the first feature made by Vera Brunner-Sung who was known for experimental documentaries. She raised $31,000 online. Shot in twelve days in Missoula where she teachers at the University of Montana.

It's starts with a woman who teaches English to foreign students at the university. Like Brunner-Sung herself, she and her students have to adapt to living in a new town. Perhaps not surprisingly, the kids cope better than their teacher.

I used to think that, if you're going to make a movie in a place like Missoula, you ought to be able to make your money back just from the locals if you do it cheap enough with a local cast. Every friend and relative of everyone in the movie would HAVE to attend. Look at the way people pack into community theaters and high school plays. But that may not work in an era of You Tube and Community Access TV. Moving pictures aren't much of a novelty anymore.

Anyway, a pretty good arthouse film, beautifully photographed. Available on Fandor.

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