Friday, April 7, 2017

Democrats love Trump's hate

The only thing I didn't hate about Donald Trump was that he was less apt to bomb Syria and start a war with Russia than Clinton. Clinton's only real campaign promise was to start World War Three.

But Bush and Obama both claimed to oppose wars, too, when they were running and they both pretended that they wanted to improve relations with Russia, just like Trump, and look how they turned out.

The morons at MSNBC were perfectly happy about Trump's attack on Syria, of course. None of them questioned the claim that there was a chemical attack by the Syrian government. We have no way of knowing what happened because no reporter would dare step foot in ISIS-controlled territory. The Russians concluded that Syrian bombing damaged a chemical weapons storage site used by ISIS which is a far more plausible explanation. The thing that should terrify us is that ISIS has nerve gas.

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