Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sherman's March

Long ago, I had been contemplating how it would be impossible to make any kind of movie without hundreds of thousands of dollars. But then I went to the local art theater to see Sherman's March. It was a documentary. The filmmaker's girlfriend dumps him. He had received a grant to make a documentary about the lingering effects in the south of Sherman's March to the Sea but instead makes a quasi-cinema verite film about trying to meet women.

He walked around with a 16mm camera on one shoulder and a tape recorder on the other, and I sat there watching this thinking that the sound and picture seemed passable enough. Maybe one could make a narrative feature film with nothing but a camera and a tape recorder.

This revelation did me no good at all. A movie would still have cost more than I could have come up with and that was just as well. Most young filmmakers seem to be bankrolled by their parents.

Anyway, Sherman's March is available on Fandor. It was pretty good.

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