Thursday, April 6, 2017

Shia LaBeouf's movie, Man Down, sells just three tickets in England

Shia LaBeouf (right, with the weird-shaped head.)

Young filmmakers dream of getting their movies into theatrical release. But the dream can turn into a nightmare.

Look at Shia LaBeouf's new movie, Man Down, directed by Dito [sic] Montiel. It opened in a single theater in a town called Burnley in the north of England and it sold a single ticket. It ran for a week and sold two additional tickets. It grossed the equivalent of $28 (£21.)

According to the internet:
LaBeouf, who reportedly has a net worth of $25 million, isn’t the only big name to tank at the box office in Britain in recent history. In March, Pierce Brosnan’s latest movie, I.T., opened with just $416.50 (£343) over its opening weekend at the U.K. box office - that’s an average take of $38 (£31) per theater. Last year, Beauty and the Beast’s Emma Watson’s The Colony took just $61 (£47) over its opening weekend in the U.K. and grossed $15,700 during its entire domestic run. A few months earlier, Regression, in which she starred alongside Ethan Hawke, made $55,000 at the domestic box office but fared better in the U.K. ringing up $329,170 in ticket sales. Rather interestingly, both The Colony and Man Down have been distributed in the U.K. by Signature - the company is about to release Aftermath, the $10.5 million budget drama starring another former box office behemoth, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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