Saturday, April 29, 2017

That $12,000 Ja Rule thing

Perhaps if I were fabulously wealthy and knew who "Ja Rule" was, paying $12,000 to attend some sort of luxury music festival in the Bahamas would sound like a good idea.

There used to be a "dinner theater" here that showed movies. That sounded like it might be good, but I was never clear on what was involved. Do you get to eat while you watch the movie? Because that's what I always did anyway. I'd pick up a video then hit the Wendy's drive thru on my way home.

It might seem more pitiful, sitting alone in a dinner theater. I would feel guilty taking up a whole table as I sat there by myself with a couple of empty chairs while people were turned away at the door because there were no seats left.

If the dinner theater consisted of recliners scattered around the room with TV trays in front of them it might be better anyway than sitting through an entire movie in a dining chair at a table. Dinner in a moderately priced restaurant would probably be cheaper than popcorn and a coke at a movie theater anyway.

But that's how I pictured this Ja Rule thing----sitting around eating gourmet meals as Ja Rule played whatever sort of music he plays. Maybe relaxing in a spa while he performed.

Probably better just to listen to the radio while eating Wendy's. The thing went very badly. People forced to stay in tents, no security, their luggage lost, terrible non-gourmet food. People fainting, waiting for hours trying to get out.

I've never understood the thrill of attending a concert of any kind. 

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