Saturday, April 15, 2017

The new Mystery Science Theater 3000

I see that Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming back with a new cast on Netflix. I was surprised how saddened I was when the show went off the air years ago, but I have mixed feelings about it coming back.

For one thing, Rifftrax proved that you can do the same thing to successful, big budget movies, too. Making fun of low budget movies just seems cruel.

Back when they were still on the SciFi channel, I made the mistake of looking at their website. I read the user comments. It seems that many of the fans enjoyed the show because they thought they were punishing people for making movies that weren't very good. They weren't laughing because the show was funny, they were laughing as they imagined the reaction of the people being ridiculed.

Then I watched a video on YouTube of some of the cast in a talk show appearance with a film historian who thought that some of the movies they attacked were pretty good.

Comedians are just annoying when they argue with regular people. They're overbearing, if they can't make an argument they make a joke, if there's a glaring hole in their argument they cover it with a joke and if they lose on some point, they make a joke and think they won.
And by the way, in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, Mike Nelson's acting was quite bad. If it had been any other movie, they'd be mocking him. I felt sorry for Joel Hodgson leaving the show and then seeing them make a big movie out of it.

I was a little surprised when it dawned on me that Joel Hodgson was a prop comic. I've never seen Carrot Top perform and never wanted to, but maybe I should give him a chance. Hodgson hates Gallagher.

Finally, there was a thing they did on both Rifftrax and MST3k. They would shout the name of a well-known black person whenever a black character appeared in the movie. It would be nice if they quit that.

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