Friday, May 12, 2017

Billy McFarland's not paying his employees

Two brilliant criminals at the climax of their most magnificent effort.

Well. Here's a recording of Billy McFarland telling his employees that they're not going to be paid, but they're more than welcome to keep working anyway. Apparently he hasn't been giving anyone pay stubs and others who left the job had trouble collecting unemployment benefits because there was nothing to indicate they had ever been employed.

Ja Rule appears briefly at the beginning of the recording. He sounds like a moron.

The recording appears here on

The employees are under legal notice not to delete files or emails from the computers and their idiot boss doesn't know how unemployment insurance works.

"Billy, should we be concerned about the FBI?"

"I don't know. I think that's an individual thing," Billy replies.

Man, I'd hate working at that place. It's just lucky nobody died at that "festival".

I'm more amused than outraged by all this. I don't know how much sympathy the employees deserve. It just makes me feel better that I was never a young go-getter.

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