Thursday, May 25, 2017

Was Anthony Weiner victim of Republican dirty trick?

Weren't there claims at some point that it was all a Russian conspiracy?

Now it's being claimed that Anthony Weiner's teenage sexting case was a Republican dirty trick. The girl was sixteen when she started talking to Weiner, not 15 as she claimed. She was above her state's age of consent, but not the federal age of consent that applied in this case, or the age of consent in New York that also could have applied.. And the girl falsely claimed to be "big fan" of Hillary Clinton when, it's claimed, she celebrated Trump's victory on social media---her father was a Republican with connections to high ranking Republicans in his state, her mother was outraged on social media at the suggestion that Black Lives Matter and her grandmother was a Teabagger.

This is from an article is by Russ Baker who also claims that George H.W. Bush took part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. He claimed that John Hinkley, Jr's, parents cheerfully sacrificed their son in hope of Bush could become president.

The Hill repeated the allegations and Democrats are spreading the story online, but no one has contacted prosecutors or the FBI for comment. And for some reason, Anthony Weiner's lawyer failed to bring any of it up as their client prepares to go to prison.

Read it here:

If it was a "dirty trick", it succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, like Trump's campaign itself.

Somebody should make a movie. A girl's conservative parents push her into sexting a degenerate in the Democratic Party, but the Republican Party turns on her when she falls in love with the big lug.

Anthony Weiner disturbing the peace with a bullhorn while waving the flag of a hostile foreign power.

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