Thursday, May 25, 2017

Work on your titles for God's sake

I'll say this----Rick Schmidt (author of Feature Filmmaking at Used Car Prices) really needs to work on his titles. None are very inspiring.

Here are his movie titles (most available on Fandor):
A Man, a Woman, and a Killer

1988: The Remake

Emerald Cities

Morgan's Cake

American Orpheus

Blues for the Avatar

Loneliness is Soul

Welcome to Serendipity

Crash My Funeral

Sun and Moon

Maisy's Garden

Chetzemoka's Curse

Release the Head


Rick's Canoe

White Stork is Coming


Tears of Bankers

Sticky Wicket

Here are some much better titles of movies written by Schmidt's erstwhile collaborator, Wayne Wang:
Chan is Missing

Life is Cheap...But Toilet Paper is Expensive

Blue in the Face

Chinese Box

The Center of the World
I don't like the Toilet Paper one, but the others I like okay.

Now, George Kuchar's work was very different. lists 237 movies he directed, and the list is probably incomplete. But here are just a few of his titles. How could anyone not want to see THESE movies:
A Woman Distressed

Lust for Ecstacy

Confessions of Babette

Hold Me While I'm Naked

Corruption of the Damned

Eclipse of the Sun Virgin

Pagan Rhapsody

The Devil's Cleavage

Symphony for a Sinner

The Nocturnal Immaculation

Muffled Darkness

Mecca of the Frigid

The director of A Hard Day's Night was talking with a couple of the Beatles. One of the boys asked if he had heard Ringo's odd way of speaking. For example, once, when they had worked late rehearsing, Ringo said, "That was a hard day's night." The director instantly recognized that it would be a great title. The boys dashed off the song that evening.

The title was better than the song. 

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