Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kathy Griffin's picture

There's nothing funny about a severed human head. Or a severed head of any kind, really.

Kathy Griffin was perhaps unwise to produce a photograph of herself brandishing what was intended to look like Donald Trump's bloody head. I guess it was sort of funny, her wearing that blouse.

Here she is without the head.

I didn't really understand it. Why was she holding Donald Trump's head? What was the joke? Was it some kind of ISIS thing?

Apparently poor, sweet, innocent little Barron Trump was upset by it. Of course, his father has, like pretty much every other president, actually killed a number of people since taking office. I'm sure some of his victims had preteen children who were more upset about their parents' actual deaths than Barron was about Kathy Griffin's gag photo.

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