Friday, June 9, 2017

Shia LaBeouf's latest movie can't find American distributor

Say, he IS a good actor!

Well, here's some good news, I think.

The public has grown increasingly weary of Shia LaBeouf. His latest movie can't find an American distributor. They're hoping they'll stumble upon one at the Toronto Film Festival.

The movie is Janus Metz Pedersen's Borg, about Björn Borg (played by Sverrir Gudnason) and his rivalry with John McEnroe (LaBeouf).

According to the internet:
Ten years ago Shia LaBeouf was the next big Hollywood thing, on the cusp of starring in Transformers and cast in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

But his last two movies American Honey and Man Down made less than $250,000 between them and LaBeouf’s presence in movies is increasingly not being viewed as an asset by movie industry.

My God! Has this Shia LaBeouf crap been going on for ten years? Even he should be tired of it by now.

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