Thursday, June 29, 2017

Suntan (Greece, 2016)

Years ago, I had a terrible job in a car wash. There was a car parked there one day. An extremely old man was in the passenger seat looking at us.

"Did you see that old dude?" one of the guys said. "He wishes he could be young like us!"
"I think that was a look of pity," I said.

"Why? Because we're going to be old someday?"

"No," I said. "Because we work in a car wash."

Thank God those days are over. Youth is fleeting, but how long do you really want it to drag on?

Suntan is a 2016 Greek film about Kostis, a stalky 42-year-old doctor working in a Greek resort town. When the place is flooded with tourists, he falls in love with a slightly injured young female patient who's there with her obnoxious friends all in their early 20's.

Kostis has the good taste to remain clothed on the nude beach where the girl and her friends hang out. He buys them beer and is allowed to hang around with them. He neglects his duties as a doctor. 

He feels he's part of their group but they go away for a few days without telling him. He's angry, professes his love for the girl when they return. They laugh at him and want to be rid of him. Too late for that. 

The ending's a bit shocking.

A lot of nudity. Kostis runs into a fellow middle aged doctor on the nude beach. I prefer to think that nudity means nothing to doctors.

Billed as a "coming-of-middle-age film". I've seen it categorized as a comedy/drama/thriller.

Directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos, starring Makis Papadimitriou and Elli Tringou.

Available for instant viewing on Netflix.

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