Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"If I had my gun, I'd blow your shit up." --Shia LaBeouf

Man. If Shia LaBeouf really does own a gun, he should get rid of it until he gets his alcoholism and criminality under control.

This was hard to transcribe. I'm sure I got some of it wrong. But here, judge for yourself:


During the ride to jail, Shia explains to the officer:

"...is your fucking bitch to the end of your days, bitch. And you live that legacy. That's what you signed up for, bitch [unintelligible] whore. If I had my gun I'd blow your shit up. You're a bitch though. So you got your shit you do nothin'. [unitelligible over cop sighing.] Fuckin' bitch. Coward. Fuck you and your legacy. You got a kid? Hope so. Hope so so you can know what the fuck no so is goin'. You're a biiiiiitch. For leagues. Not for years. A bitch for leagues. You're a pirate bitch. Bitch. 

"And you put your own kind in the fuckin' pen for nothing. YOU PUT A WHITE MAN IN THE PEN FOR WHAT, YOU FUCKIN' BITCH. FOR ASKIN' FOR ASKIN' FOR A BLACK MAN FOR A CIGARETTE? ...

"I pay my taxes, you dumb bitch. You're about to meet my lawyer and you made this trip for nothing. And you feel like a stupid slimey whore. Enjoy your life. That's your legacy, you fucking coward."

I don't know what he meant when said the cop was putting his "own kind" in prison. If the cop was white, it was racist. If the cop was black, I guess Shia assumed they shared an antipathy for Trump. In either case, I can't see the cop regarding Shia as one of his "kind". I don't know how they'll put a positive spin on referring to himself as a white man.

His version of events in the videos seems to be that he innocently asked a cop for a cigarette and the officer arrested him for no reason. He points out that cameras are everywhere suggesting they'll prove he did nothing wrong.

It has been pointed out that the police report says that LaBeouf was using obscene language in front of women and children present. It happened at 4:00 AM. What were children doing there?

This would have ended Sonny Tuft's career. I'd probably feel some sympathy for him if it weren't for the plagiarism.

And remember all those plagiarized fake apologies? They'll make it impossible for him to apologize convincingly for this.

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