Monday, March 15, 2010

Men who think killing people is attractive

There was Wes Cooley, the disgraced Congressman. He impressed his common-law wife-to-be by claiming to have been a killer for the CIA. I've heard of other people like that. Men impressing chicks by claiming to be murderers.

There was Mark Fuhrman. Tapes of him bragging about racist crimes committed by him and other LAPD came out during the O.J. Simpson trial. The tapes were of him being interviewed by a woman screenwriter. At one point, he rejoiced at the famine in Ethiopia and he called for all black people to be killed by burning. But, his defenders argued, this was just his way of picking up chicks.

I knew a decorator working in a furniture store. A strange, lonely woman came in---never bought anything but acted liked she was going to. She talked and talked and talked about how her ex-Green Beret husband and his Green Beret friends had massacred a compound full of Mormons. I can't remember why. The Mormons had committed some terrible crime, apparently.

That's what I think about while watching these movies. Truth is that this sad woman with an imaginary husband is the only kind of woman who would sleep with James Bond or Shane, or any other movie killer.

But then again, maybe chicks dig that sort of thing

On the other hand, there was a radio show, This American Life. A man told a story about the time he jumped out of his car and got into a fight with a stranger in a traffic jam because he insulted his mother. And his mother was actually happy about it.

"Your father never did that for me."

And these were bourgeoisie. Public Radio listeners. Not mountain folk. Even bourgeois women want their sons to get into fist fights with strangers.

It doesn't always work out

There was a letter to Dear Abby. A woman didn't know how she could ever respect her husband again after he refused to beat up some people who used obscene language in public.

Another woman wrote in response that she had been so proud of her husband getting into a fight with some strangers until they stabbed him to death in front of her and her children.

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