Sunday, June 6, 2010

The new Karate Kid

The old Karate Kid...they were teenagers and beat each other up a lot worse, and they made it look so easy. Wax the car, work on the deck, and you could win a karate tournament.

Maybe it was because Pat Morita, TV's Arnold, didn't know karate. He said he saw a karate school assumed it was a latin dance studio. (Interestingly enough, the U.S. banned martial arts in Occupied Japan at the end of World War Two, but did not ban karate because they thought it was a Japanese dance.)

The new karate kid----what are they calling it? The Kung Fu Kid?----has Jackie Chan who learned martial arts through years of horrible, monstrous abuse in a Chinese Circus. His parents left him there while they worked overseas. He might not care for the idea of the wax on-wax off thing. He suffered for years, spent a childhood in hell, and that's all you have to do?

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