Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paris Hilton arrested for Cocaine possession

I don't know. The poor girl. She keeps getting arrested. In South Africa for marijuana. In France for marijuana.

She was in a car police say was "trailing marijuana smoke". How did they know it wasn't cigarette smoke? Apparently this entitled them to stop and search the car. They found marijuana, charged the driver with driving under the influence, found cocaine and I guess arrested Paris Hilton.

Well, why shouldn't she have cocaine? Does it really matter?

Like that movie, Little Miss Sunshine. The grandpa decided that at his advanced age it didn't hurt anything for him to become a heroin addict.

What does it hurt for Paris Hilton to be a hopeless drug addict?

Maybe this will do the trick for her

This could be a boon to Paris's "career".

Michael Jackson once advised Donny Osmond to get himself arrested on drug charges to revive his career. Maybe that's what Jackson had in mind when he kept getting himself arrested on those horrible sex charges.

If that was her plan, Hilton screwed up her first arrest. Cried on her way out of court. Then she was released because the jailers thought she'd have a nervous breakdown.

Look at Robert Mitchum, arrested for marijuana back in the '50s, photographed in jail cheerfully mopping the floor. Well, as cheerfully as he did anything. The public had no problem at all.

Well, there have been other things over the years that celebrities have done that should have boosted their careers but didn't.

Victor Sen Yung who played Hop Sing, the cook on Bonanza, was shot and wounded during an attempted airline hi-jacking. A passenger and the two hi-jackers were killed when the FBI stormed the plane. Sen Yung was struck by a bullet that otherwise would have killed a child in the next seat. Michael Landon never did anything like that.

Come to think of it, Alfalfa Switzer was shot when he was in his 20s and struggling in Hollywood. He survived that one, but was later shot and killed by a guy who owed him twenty dollars. Alfalfa had a terrible temper. He pulled a knife on the guy who owed him the money, and the debtor shot and killed him in self-defense.

Sonny Tufts kept getting arrested on drunk charges. So did Scotty from The Little Rascals, who went on to become a drunken wife-beater. The poor guy died in his 30s. He went into a nursing home where he died after a brutal bar fight.

There was Devon Sawa. What did I read about him? He was a pretty big teen idol after doing a nude scene when he was 13. He's been arrested four times, once for drunk driving, once for stealing a car, once for trying to evade arrest for probation violations for the first two arrests, and once for drug possession and beating up his fiance.

Many years ago Sawa dated a girl who had been on the sit-com Boy Meets World. They broke up. Years later, the girl appeared on a radio talk show. She didn't name Sawa, but she said she used to have a famous boyfriend who would "beat the crap out of me."

What makes someone act like that?

Getting arrested probably isn't the career booster Michael Jackson imagined.

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