Friday, August 26, 2011

Angus T. Jones looks trim and fit

I posted this long ago, and I hope it doesn't come across as anti-Angus T. Jones. I thought he was adorable as a kid. Now he's a nice-looking young man.

Angus T Jones has lost weight. Or maybe he's just gotten taller and remained the same weight, but he looks rather slim now. He has sideburns. He also wears glasses. I wonder if they're real. The poor boy plays such a dumb kid on Two and a Half Men, and there are celebrities who wear fake glasses to make themselves look more intelligent----that's why Kato Kaelin started wearing them, and, I heard, Sylvester Stallone.

I've always wondered how overweight actors felt about fat jokes. There was Kate Smith who started out in Vaudville. She appeared in an act with two comics would say things like, "Every time that girl sits down, it looks like a dirigible coming in to dock!" They say that poor Kate would sob in her dressing room after each show.

In Angus T Jones' case, he was just a child, yet they were making jokes about him eating and eating and eating. There are actresses on TV who've been turned into anorexics this way. There were fat jokes, jokes about various excretory functions, masturbation. Jokes about poor hygiene. But as he got older, they gave him girlfriends.

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Anonymous said...

He is great as Jake on Two and a half men, Loved him as kid though in earlier seasons.
He was never that big jusr carried puppy fat, chubby face as kid, he grew taller so he filled out good.

He is a good looking young man