Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jon Voight's an idiot

Last year, Jon Voight wrote a silly "open letter" to Barack Obama accusing him--I don't get this at all--of being anti-Israeli, of hating Jews and trying to promote anti-Semitism world-wide.

This has been a standard smear against blacks for years now. Baseless accusations of anti-Semitism are just a slight refinement of the old racist smear they used to use against black leaders, that they "hate white people". Glenn Beck tried to use the old version against Obama and got slapped down, but people seem to be getting away with the new version.

Voight recently traveled to Israel. He said he was "shocked" to find that Palestinians are treated in Israeli hospitals. It's an odd thing to be surprised by. For one thing, Zionists have been using this as part of their propaganda for years.

It should be noted that Israeli hospitals are being paid by the Palestinian Authority for treating Palestinian patients. They're making a fortune from it, gouging the Palestinians for the limited funds they receive from international donors. The Palestinian Authority got tired of paying for Israeli propaganda and they didn't want to be dependent on Israeli hospitals, so when the Israelis launched their attack on Gaza, they briefly halted payments to the Israelis. And the instant the payments stopped, the Israeli hospitals began refusing Palestinian patients.

No, Israelis aren't helping Palestinians. They're just grubbing for Palestinian money.

It is strange, though, that Voight loved Israel so much even though he assumed that Israeli hospitals were racially segregated and that Israeli doctors refused to treat non-Jews.

Here's Voight's "open letter" to Obama. Really amazing. Making a valid criticism of a politician is such a simple thing to do. Making a criticism based on an ideological difference is even easier. But there's nothing here but baseless nonsense:

June 22, 2010

President Obama:

You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone’s enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm’s way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say are the underdogs. But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated.

You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals, creating a meltdown for good, loyal, law-abiding citizens. Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never recover. I pray to God you stop, and I hope the people in this great country realize your agenda is not for the betterment of mankind, but for the betterment of your politics.

With heartfelt and deep concern for America and Israel,

Jon Voight

Even if you accept his attacks on the President of the United States, Voight traitorously insults America's loyal NATO ally Turkey by calling Israel the "only Democracy in the middle east." Even if Israel were a democracy, they wouldn't deserve any credit for it since they actively oppose the democratic revolution in Egypt.

And one more thing:

What exactly did Voight mean when referred to "the Jewish people and...the American people as well"? If you're Jewish you're not American? Was he using the word "Jew" when he meant "Israeli", or more correctly, "Israeli Jew"?

Someone commented on this entry and stupidly accused me of hating Jews. Imagine his reaction if I had said anything like that.



Anonymous said...

So, the only reason Israelis treat Palestinians is so they can use that fact as propaganda. And...they 'gouge' them by making them pay what every Israeli has to pay in the hospital. And...Israeli hospitals have NEVER refused to treat Palestinian patients. While at the same time, Palestinians plan and execute terrorist attacks against the civilian Israeli population. The revolution in Egypt will never make the country a democracy, it will only provide the Muslim Brotherhood with an official state. You are blinded by hatred of Jews and the Jewish state of Israel

Waldo Scott said...

Jon Voight's visit to the Israeli hospital and his gushing over their treating Palestinian patients is an example of the way Israelis have used this as propaganda. Why didn't he mention that the Palestinian Authority was paying for everything they received? He said he was "shocked" to discover that they had Palestinian patients. Why was he visiting a hospital that he assumed was racially segregated?

When the Israelis launched their attack on Gaza--they called it "Operation Cast Lead", a name they got from a poem about Chanukah--the Palestinian stopped payments, and the Israeli hospitals stopped treatment.

Israelis have murdered thousands of Palestinian children who are undeniably civilians.

After the attack on Gaza, Israeli soldiers put out a line of T-shirts to celebrate. One had a picture of a Palestinian child in the crosshairs of a telescopic rifle site. The caption read "The smaller the harder". Another had a picture of a pregnant Palestinian woman in a crosshairs with the caption, "One shot, two kills". Another showed a picture of a Palestinian woman crying over a dead baby lying in a large pool of blood. The caption was a line from a condom ad, "Better use Durex".