Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Have the Zionists finally overreached?

There was a recent article on Counterpunch.com by Andrew Levine on the gun lobby and the Israel lobby.


Levine noted that:

...neither lobby seems able to overplay its hand.  In any reasonable world, the outrage du jour – there are always plenty to choose from — would be their undoing. But it never is.
But he thinks the end may be in sight for the Israel lobby:
Still, for the foreseeable future, Israel itself is, for all practical purposes, immune from charges of overreaching; our media see to that.  But the Israel lobby is another story. Much like the gun lobby, it is in danger of going too far.

That all is not right with it began to dawn on public opinion when it became widely known, during the primary season last spring, that a Las Vegas financier of the Israeli far right and of the settler movement, Sheldon Adelson, almost bought the Republican nomination for Newt Gingrich.
Now he is at it again, this time for Mitt Romney.  And so, with great fanfare, he brought a gaggle of right-wing plutocrats – among them, NY Jets owner Woody Johnson and hedge fund manager Paul Singer – to the Promised Land to meet up with egregiously rich expatriate Jewish Americans who, like Adelson, worry that President Obama is not subservient enough to AIPAC’s dictates or friendly enough with Benjamin Netanyahu.  The idea was to raise millions of dollars for the Romney campaign.
Even mainstream media pundits were taken aback by this display.  It was like when Charlton Heston promoted “second amendment rights” in the immediate aftermath of the Columbine massacre.
And now, just a month after this article was published, we have Netanyahu attacking the president of the United States and declaring that the U.S. has no "moral right" to object to Israel starting a war with Iran.  

I don't know what it tells you, but the reader comments on the various newspaper websites seem rather outraged by Netanyahu's attempt to interfere with the U.S. elections and to dictate American policy. You occasionally see an anti-Obama post from a Zionist or Christian fundamentalist, but there were thousands of comments on the NY Times site and they were pretty much all disgusted with the Israelis.

Somehow, I don't think that the right-wingers with their nonsense about "American exceptionalism" will have any problem with Netanyahu's statement about the U.S.'s lack of moral authority, or with Romney calling for the U.S. to grovel at the feet of his friend, "Bibi".

When Israel began trying to dictate India's policy on Iran, someone pointed out the absurdity of a country of a few million Jews giving orders to a nation of well over a billion Hindus and Muslims. Zionists keep talking about how tiny and defenseless Israel is. If Americans have any self-respect, they won't take kindly to a little fascist puke like Netanyahu barking orders at their government.

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