Saturday, January 5, 2013

Justin Bieber, marijuana, photographer killed

I'm surprised anyone cares if Justin Bieber smoked marijuana. Or Miley Cyrus. Or, really, anyone else unless it's some recovering drug addict or an anti-drug crusader, or a nine-year-old.

A photographer chased Bieber's car which got pulled over by cops. Turned out a couple of Bieber's friends were inside. Bieber himself wasn't present. The photographer stood out in the street taking pictures and was hit by a car and killed.

The photographer had claimed in a phone call to have seen Bieber smoking marijuana from a pipe in the car.

A friend of the dead photographer told reporters that the death was Bieber's fault because getting a picture of him smoking marijuana would be irresistible to any paparazzo. And how was a 29-year-old man supposed to know not to stand in the middle of a busy street?

I worked with a young woman who had fled her small town. She came here, to the city. Not the big city, but to the city. She explained that everybody knew her business where she was from. She would come home in the afternoon and find that her mother knew about anything she had done that day.

It's why people in small towns never stay home on vacation.

Johnny Carson liked vacationing in Europe because no one there knew who he was. The Tonight Show was briefly broadcast in Great Britain, but they only showed the interviews. The Brits couldn't understand why Ed McMahon was always sitting there.

I don't know how popular Justin Bieber is outside of North America, but he needs to find some place he can relax. Someplace with lax drug laws.

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