Saturday, February 2, 2013

The People vs. George Lucas

I watched the movie The People vs. George Lucas again, about the love-hate relationship Star Wars fans have with Lucas. It was a hard to sympathize with either side in this struggle and it's hard to tell which side was the aggressor. George Lucas suffered terribly. He directed Star Wars and that was the end of his directing career. He wanted to be a filmmaker. He wanted to be an artist. But all his hopes and dreams were consumed by what he considered to be a children's movie and the aging weirdos who kept buying the merchandise.

The fans' lives were destroyed, too. One woman stood in a room with the walls covered with Star Wars toys telling the camera how she lost her husband and children to this nonsense. Another guy told about how he kept buying special edition boxed sets of the movies, paying a fortune for each one because it was slightly different from the ones he already had.

Lucas has been pretty nice about it. He lets the fans make their fan videos, he provides them with downloads they can use and he even has a contest for them. But they still hate his guts.

It was a depressing documentary. Interesting, entertaining, but depressing.

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