Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Justin Bieber goes to the bathroom in mop bucket

"Justin Bieber is an oblivious, self-important little twit who goes out of his way to make the working man's life miserable -- just watch this video of the singer pissing into a restaurant mop bucket ... and laughing like he's the king of the world."
Yes, it's true. Justin Bieber went to the bathroom in a restaurant mop bucket. Shockingly, his shaven headed Israeli bodyguard was standing where he could see his wiener. Then Bieber, a Canadian, sprayed some Windex on a picture of Bill Clinton and said "Fuck Clinton".
I don't know what's wrong with his bodyguard. He held Bieber back from attacking a photographer and put him in a van---he ought to be able to hustle him to a restroom and make him behave like a little Canadian gentleman. Maybe the Israeli bodyguards are his problem.

They were talking about prosecuting him for his other crimes, like spitting on his neighbor and driving through his neighborhood at 100 miles per hour. I wish they'd hurry up and do it. The boy is just going to get worse and worse. Deputies from the sheriff's department think he needs counseling.

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