Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bloodhound Gang, stupid Nazi talk

So an American punk rock band called "Bloodhound Gang" decided to desecrate the Russian flag on stage. The bass player wittily shoved the flag into his underwear and then pulled it out in back. This was in Kiev in The Ukraine. The video was widely seen on YouTube. Their performance in Russia was cancelled, Russians pelted them with eggs and rotten tomatoes. They flew to Moscow for a connecting flight out of Russia and were beaten up by a couple of Cossacks in the airport.

It was only about twenty years ago that flag desecration was a crime in the United States. A man was arrested in Oregon for having a seat cover in his car made from a flag. When the Supreme Court overturned laws against flag desecration, Louisiana passed a law allowing people to assault anyone who desecrates the flag. There was talk about amending the constitution to allow laws against flag desecration.

Stephen Fry just called Russians Nazis because they passed a law prohibiting propaganda promoting "non-traditional sex" to minors. Violators can be fines up to 1,500 rubles ($47). Britain had far worse anti-gay laws--was it a Nazi state when those laws were on the books? It's illegal in Britain for teachers to discuss homosexuality in class. Isn't his country crawling with violent gay-hating football hooligans even now? Under the law in Russia, there's a fine for propagandizing the young, In Britain, they put gays in prison for years for doing nothing involving anyone but consenting adults. Gay men could avoid prison by agreeing to "chemical castration".

In America up until at least the 1960s, book publishers had to ship their books through the post office. Under federal law, this meant that all novels about lesbians published in the United States had to end with the lesbians dying or suffering horribly, otherwise the books would be charged with promoting homosexuality and would be barred from the mail. So was America a Nazi state?

Michael Dukakis was anti-gay. He banned gay adoption in Massachusetts. He publicly stated that he would never, either as governor of Massachusetts or as president of the United States, issue an executive order banning discrimination against gays in government jobs. As governor, he banned gay foster parents and sent goon squads to tear children from their gay foster parents. Was he a Nazi? Was Massachusetts a Nazi state? Were all those nice liberals who voted for him Nazis?

I've always tried to keep accusations of Naziism limited to actual Nazis, although, if someone does something that German officers were executed for after World War Two, I think it should be pointed out.

The only comparison I ever made between Hitler and Bush was that neither one ever held a real job before his rise to power, they both had criminal records. and Ernst Rohm and Karl Rove played remarkably similar roles.


Anonymous said...

Look, I know that you are passionate about film and everything and we both agree about Hollywood. But that being said your blogs just are not that great to me, you waste too much on pop culture and all that other bs. And while being a contarian is fine and all you just sound like some low-rent whiner who like to waste his time more than an independent artist . So, continue writing and don't listen to a thing I say after all this is just my opinion.

P.S. I also hate that you bag on the exact same people in 5 or 6 different posts even if they do deserve it.

Anonymous said...

But still, Good Luck with this site and all.

Anonymous said...

i'll just try to ignore you from now on.

Waldo Scott said...

Actually, I thought no one was reading it so I just wrote what I wanted. I knew I had a tendency to go day after day talking about the same people or thing, but what the hell.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for driving you away.

Anonymous said...

No hard feelings man. No hard feelings.