Sunday, September 15, 2013

R.J. Mitte, Trevor Gagnon

There was the sit-com, The New Adventures of Old Christine. The kid in it, Ritchie (Trevor Gagnon), was at the center of the show. He was the reason that Christine was in constant contact with her ex-husband and his new wife, also named Christine. He was the reason Christine's brother lived with her (he acted as the kid's nanny), why she had to deal with the other mothers at Richie's high priced private school.

But Ritchie did pretty much nothing on the show. It was almost a running gag. He would come in and Christine would tell him to go change or go take a bath or go play in his room. When they visited his grandparents, they came in and he immediately asked if he could go play in the basement.

He was the Walt, Jr., of The New Adventures of Old Christine. Walt, Sr, is doing it all for him---"cooking" methamphetamine, risking horrible violent death, inflicting horrible violent death, causing airline disasters, destroying countless lives with the drug itself. Skyler could have managed just fine as a childless widow, and probably would have done okay with a teenage son who wasn't disabled. The kid would go to college in a couple of years.

The first five seasons of Breaking Bad cover only a year in the characters' lives, so it's been a constant, daily life and death struggle for Walter. All those people who were killed were killed in one year, so what has it been on average? One murder every week or two, not counting the midair collision.

And poor Walt, Jr, hobbles along on his crutches oblivious the death and destruction left in his wake.

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