Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cheap used standard definition prosumer camcorders

I used to try to stay a step behind everyone else. I was using Regular 8 long after the world had moved on to Super 8. I did start using Super 8 after everyone else went into video and I had a couple of old spring driven 16mm cameras. I bought a couple of very nice used Super VHS camcorders after that format was obsolete, although it did have the same definition as standard definition digital video.

I was proud of myself when I bought a brand new three chip consumer camcorder, a little Panasonic Mini DV camera. I was stunned at how cheap it was. Then I found out why. It was standard definition and everyone had moved on to HD.

That's what made me snap out of it. I was wasting money.

Now high definition camcorders are dirt cheap. You can buy a Flip-type high def cameras for $25.00 if you look around.

But now I'm looking on the internet and am seeing obsolete standard defintion prosumer camcorders for sale. A few years ago, they would have cost $6,000. Now you can get one for less that a tenth of that.

And I know it's stupid, but I want one!

I would feel like a rich guy felt fifteen years ago, like I did driving my old Chrysler Imperial. They still look impressive.

Well, I'm not going to buy one, but I could.

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