Monday, December 2, 2013

Sound of Music on live TV

I'm on the west coast. That means that, even if I watch The Sound of Music "live" on NBC Thursday, it will be delayed three hour. They will have bleeped out any obscenities the actors blurt out and blurred out any humiliating wardrobe malfunctions.

I find live TV stressful to watch. Videotape is cheap and plentiful. What's the point?

Since Carrie Underwood (who I had never heard of before) is playing the defrocked nun Maria, I thought they should get Dolly Parton as Mother Superior (was there a Mother Superior, or am I thinking of The Flying Nun?) and Justin Bieber as Rolf.

I may watch a little of it, but I think I'll be traumatized if anything goes wrong. I've been living with other people's humiliation for years.

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