Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pervert's Guide to Ideology

Apparently it's common in film and literature for rich people, when suffering some life crisis, to latch, vampire-like, onto members of the lower classes to absorb their vitality. That's why the movie Titanic was reactionary in spite of its seeming sympathy for the working class.

I learned this from Slavoj Žižek in the documentary The Pervert's Guide to Ideology. Apparently the word "pervert" in the title is used as psychoanalytic term with a somewhat different meaning.

I watched a clip of Žižek on the Charlie Rose show. He compared Titanic to Captains Courageous.

He pointed out, as others have, that the song "Climb Every Mountain" in the Sound of Music was Mother Superior telling a novice to seduce her employer and steal him away from her fiancee. He discussed this as being reflective of actual Catholicism.

Also went into The Last Temptation of Christ, Taxi Driver, The Searchers, Full Metal Jacket and others. It started with They Live, giving it a deeper analysis that you might expect.

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