Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jon Jost, streaming video

In May, on Jon Jost's blog Cinemaelectronica, someone commented:
Just a quick aside, have you ever been offered to have your films on MUBI or Fandor? They seem like they would be a great market and a possible source of income/attention.
to which Jost replied:
Fandor asked, and I might, later. For the moment I have most everything up to go on Vimeo and I will see how that goes. Thanks.
At least a couple of Mark Rappaport movies are on Fandor---Rock Hudson's Home Movies and From the Journal of Jean Seberg. Those are just two I noticed glancing through the site. I suppose that's where his other movies would have appeared if Ray Carney weren't clinging to them.

[Actually, several of Rappaport's films are on Fandor. I don't know what all he made, but my guess is that everything except the ones Carney swiped are on there.]

Jost has said he would arrange some crowd funding to have new prints made of Rappaport's films Carney won't give back but I haven't heard any more about it.

When I first heard about the Ray-Carney-stealing-Mark-Rappaport's-movies thing, I had this strange compulsion to side with Carney. Whatever the facts were, I assumed the issue would be resolved fairly quickly with Rappaport getting his stuff back---Carney would have to have something horribly wrong with him not to return the material.

Well, Carney does have something horribly wrong with him and he still has the stuff.

If everything Carney claimed was true, it wouldn't explain his conduct. I wonder if he has some sort of neurological disability.

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