Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rick Schmidt's films on Fandor

Several films of Rick Schmidt (author of Feature Filmmaking at Used Car Prices) are available now on Fandor. You have to subscribe. I did watch some previews. I watched a horrible scene of a child crying as he told the true story of his father's death while he was alone in the house with him.

I guess I need to sign up for Fandor.

Watched previews for his other movies. There are a number I hadn't heard of.

Morgan's Cake was about Schmidt's son, Morgan, deciding whether to register for the draft. According to his book, it was filmed on analog video and transferred to 16mm film. It looks okay considering. I don't think anyone has been prosecuted for failing to register for the draft in years. Even back then, they only went after you if you were an activist, and all you had to do was register and they'd drop the charges. But a high number of people failing to register makes bringing back the actual draft less likely.

Looking at other previews. Some look more interesting than others. Many of the movies listed on his website do not list him as director on Fandor---I assume these are collaborative movies he's made in his filmmaking seminars.

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