Sunday, January 25, 2015

I did it. I watched "The Interview"

Man. I actually watched The Interview on Netflix.

It was terrible. Seth Rogen was far worse than I could have ever dared imagine. James Franco was awful. There wasn't one funny thing in it. It was just terrible.

There are people chuckling at how upset North Korea was over such a crappy movie. I think it's more humiliating for Sony if they DID get hacked by North Korea and exposed as racist, sexist scum, all because of this garbage. Why would they make this thing? What was in the script that they thought was funny?

And don't forget Obama declaring his love for Seth Rogen. 

I'm stunned than anyone at all liked this thing. I disapproved of it anyway, and I dislike James Franco and Seth Rogen for various reasons. My expectations were extremely low and I'm still shocked at how bad it is.

I heard that the first part was funny and the last part was realistically violent, but neither worked. 

And the CIA thinks this is going to trigger a revolution in North Korea?

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