Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson

They're talking about the terrible mistake the BBC made firing Jeremy Clarkson. ITV will snatch him up! But I doubt Clarkson will come out of this with his popularity unscathed. There are people who watched him in spite of how obnoxious and racist he was, and many will decide they can't stomach him anymore. It might start sinking in with some of the human garbage who are defending him that he threw a temper tantrum and attacked a man because hotel room service stopped serving hot food.

The English must have SOME self-respect left. They're already seen around the world as an inbred race of football hooligans. The world knows all about Jimmy Savile. The Brits finally started prosecuting some of the sadomasochistic pedophiles who ran their entire school system at least until the late 1980s. Do they really want Jeremy Clarkson to be the sagging, bulbous face of Great Britain?

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