Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Jim Carrey posts autistic kid's photo like an idiot

The pictures I've posted on here have mainly been of wealthy celebrities. Someone got mad at me for posting a picture they had taken of Jello Biafra so I took it down. Felt bad about that. I did post pictures of bad tattoos which was probably rude of me, and I posted a picture that was in the news of a high school girl who went to the prom with a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber. I argued that she should have found a boy in her school with low self-esteem whom she could mold into her vision of the teen sensastion. Some Justin Bieber clothes and hair would do most of the work. You'd also want him to get the speaking voice right and maybe lose or gain some weight.

But Jim Carrey, in a possibly scientology-based hissy fit over a California law requiring children attending school to be vaccinated, posted pictures of Autistic kids on Twitter. He didn't understand their conditions and he was accusing their parents of causing their autism by having them vaccinated. And it seems like a rather extreme invasion of the children's privacy to have their pictures posted on Twitter without their knowledge or consent.

I have opinions that I'm sure are correct but which most people don't share, but I wouldn't dream of giving crazy medical advice for children.

Now we'll see how HE likes having HIS picture
posted without permission!

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