Monday, January 16, 2017

Divorce British Style

A Question of Adultery aka The Case of Mrs Loring 
A 1958 British courtroom drama. A snotty rich guy takes his wife to divorce court. He's sterile, he didn't want to adopt, so the couple resorted to artificial insemination. Then he turned on his wife and argued in court that artificial insemination is "adultery".

Tell that to the Queen Mum! Queen Elizabeth and her sisters were conceived this way. And, since they look nothing alike, they apparently had different fathers.

Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, and the adulterous "Queen Mum".

It got an X rating in Britain at the time and was condemned by the Legion of Decency. Anyone who went to it for the X-rating had to have been disappointed. Like a guy I knew who drove across state lines to see Jane Russell in The Outlaw in 1943. It was banned in his state. And they had wartime rationing back then---he and his friends squandered what little gasoline they were allotted to see that thing.

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