Thursday, May 4, 2017

Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland. He certainly looks like a genius.
If anything good comes from the Fyre Festival, it will be Billy McFarland and "Ja Rule" being sued into poverty. I hope that happens, anyway. It's been noted that whatever insurance they had on the festival has no doubt been voided by intentional fraud if nothing else.

McFarland went to the $35,000-a-year Pingry prep school full of horrible young people like himself. At least he had the good taste to victimize his own ilk.

Ja Rule has a GED. But so does Paris Hilton. A large percentage of high school graduates can't pass the GED so he's probably demonstrably smarter than a lot of those Pingry brats.

Quite a few years ago, there was a spate of made-for-TV movies based on true stories about poor boys who went to expensive prep schools on scholarship and then committed terrible crimes. There was the Billionaire Boys Club thing, the Preppie Murder case, and it seems like there was something else.

I don't know why they pick on young fellows from working class backgrounds. Surely the world is full of horrible, horrible rich kids.

Look at Woody Allen's Match Point. A murder story about a lower class English guy who works his way into the upper crust. Does Woody Allen identify so completely with the rich that he sees people who didn't inherit their wealth as a physical threat? He could have made it about a proletarian Irish family who worked their way up to join the bourgeoisie only to be victimized by some Billy McFarland-like English aristocrat.

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