Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Good news and bad news

Well, here's some good news! Trump allegedly shared some intelligence with Russia, warning them of plans by ISIS to bomb commercial airliners. They already bombed one Russian airliner. I don't know why anyone would object to warning them. They don't want to thwart ISIS's plans?

But the Israelis reportedly have their yarmulkes in a bunch over it. They're claiming that they're the ones who provided that information, but they have a history of taking credit for stuff like that whether they had anything to do with it or not.

So now Israel is threatening to withhold intelligence from the United States.

The Israelis spit in Obama's face over and over and over the entire time he was in office, and his response was always to grovel at their feet even more abjectly. I don't know how Trump would react. Obama had no self-respect and Trump has way too much.
So maybe it will seriously damage U.S. relations with God's Chosen Apartheid State.

But I keep getting my hopes up and nothing ever comes of it.

Of course, Trump is soon going to Israel and Saudi Arabia. Both countries are pushing for war with Iran. Who knows what that moron will do. World War Three may be at our throats.

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