Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cosby jury deadlocked

I did watch Bill Cosby's cartoon as a kid and we had a Bill Cosby record  I used to listen to. I was amused by the Chicken Heart thing. (The record also had his bit about spiking women's drinks with "Spanish Fly".) But I never liked The Bill Cosby Show, his first sit-com where he played Chet Kincaid, and I couldn't stand The Cosby Show which spawned a wave of horrible discipline-oriented family sit-coms. I found it disturbing that they called him "America's Dad". Is that what people picture as the ideal father?

Looks like Cosby's serial drugging and raping trial will end in a hung jury.

I don't know if he's guilty, but it would be fine with me if he got convicted. He sent his own daughter to prison.

America's Dad had an illegitimate daughter who was in her 20's. She was going to sell her story to the Enquirer which she had every right to do, but, realizing it would be hurtful to Cosby and his other family, she thoughtfully offered to sell the story to the multi-millionaire instead. This act of kindness got her arrested for "extortion". The mother of two served two years in prison. Cosby thought nothing of separating his grandchildren from their mother.

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